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Re: New Website: Cross Timber Gundogs - Pudelpointer

Postby AverageGuy » Fri Jan 17, 2020 12:18 pm

JTracyII wrote:AG,

Thanks for the feedback on website as well as the advice on cameras and good photography. I may look into those Coolpix cameras or go a step up like you have recently. Do you feel the recent camera you bought is worth the extra cash flow?

So far I would say a good quality point and shoot like the A900 I have used alot in the field is the size that is practical to have on my person. The new D3500 kit I bought is the one Bruce posted a link for. I used it this morning when Spud caught a grey squirrel while I was doing chores in a snow squall. It is far better in terms of its rapid fire action setting which can take photos of a moving dog. For an open marsh like Bruce's pup's greenhead retrieve it is head and shoulders over the A900 point and shoot because the latter is way too slow between photos. However my use this morning revealed both cameras have the same problem with the auto focus in that it will focus on grass/cover vs the dog which is further away. I have taken photos of Spud running in retrieves with the new D3500 in the open and they were very nice. This morning in the woods Spud was out of focus in all action photos as he ran towards me carrying his prize, the cover I was trying to shoot through in the foreground is in great focus. Been there many times before. Manual camera settings, which then complicate things considerably especially if trying to capture live action vs staged setups, is the solution but I have not wanted to invest that level of effort thus far.

And that new D3500 is big especially with the 70-300MM lens. It will be great when I am not carrying a gun and trying to shoot birds myself. Probably will not make it out much when I am. Many times I get excellent photo ops from my truck and the D3500 will be the camera of choice there. I am hunting waterfowl in the morning and the A900 is in the blind bad, the D3500 is not making the trip. Dog training or just running dogs I can't wait to pack the D3500 around and see what I can get.

The rap on the mirrorless cameras is they are not great in low light. Never used one, just what I read recently when doing research.
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Re: New Website: Cross Timber Gundogs - Pudelpointer

Postby Bruce Schwartz » Fri Jan 17, 2020 2:00 pm

Here's a link to some imaging software: ... g-software . I've been a Photoshop user for years but the program is really deep and for the average person is way too pricy and complicated. There are simpler programs that do a great job and are easier for the first time user. I'd recommend prowling around some to see what would suit your needs. Every photo can be enhanced and it's well worth the effort if you want to have your images pop.

As far as cameras go I'm also out of the loop a bit. My camera is high end and pricy but it's the best you can buy and operates under severe conditions and has served me well. It's heavy and burdensome but I never have to wonder about missing a shot because of my gear. I've had cheaper lenses in the past and they always disappoint so I'm willing to spend the extra bucks.

That said, my iPhone takes great images for most stuff and it's just not necessary to have really high end gear to take images within the range of what an iPhone can do - and do well. For telephoto shots it's not good enough frankly. And the point and shoot cameras will never take good telephoto shots because you need precision optics to do that and glass is expensive. The one caveat with the cheaper lenses ( like with the 3500 Nikon kit) is that now you can increase the ISO on modern cameras such that huge diameter light gathering lenses are no longer necessary.

FWIW if you're having trouble with grass, etc. affecting the autofocus you can direct the camera to a similar distance subject and then press the focus lock and then re-compose your shot. High end cameras can track an object through grass, etc. once it's locked on to the subject. I don't know if the Z series or the 3500 does that or not. That's a good question for experts like at B&H, whom I would definitely call up and chat with so you know you're getting the features you need.
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Re: New Website: Cross Timber Gundogs - Pudelpointer

Postby Highlander » Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:54 pm

Very neat and clear website. Information is stated well and meaningfully too.

The highlighted points are my favorite one form your breed goals, though like I all of them.

-Mental stability, toughness and patience to endure harsh conditions in the wet and cold as that is when waterfowl hunting is often at its best.

– In the field, our preference tends towards a dog with a little more range. As a rule, the Pudelpointer is very connected to its owner and rarely “self-hunts.”

-A protective, harsh, dense, short to medium length, flat lying coat is preferred, while still possessing the distinctive beard and furnishings the breed is known for. Note: For us, it will always be “performance first”, and therefore, we will sometimes breed a dog having a coat that is not our personal preference if we consider them to be in the upper percentile as an overall hunting dog.

-A dog of medium build, and one possessing a leggy appearance built to move. We feel a medium built dog best suits our hunting needs as it possesses enough body mass for staying warm in the duck blind, but it is not so large that it tires out quickly while upland hunting. This is the balancing act that is the versatile hunting dog.

This is basically my favorite type of a dog. I am very glad that you are not fixated on with coat. Overall quality matters most. And of course the range... it’s always good to have and not need it than need it and not have it. :D

My suggestion is about the video vlogs. It would be great if each your dog has a series of videos under their profile.
I would also put videos under separate categories such as pointing, search and retrieving. I believe it is important to show the behavior and performance of each dog in those categories.
Some breeders fail to demonstrate their dogs important qualities. The most of the videos they have is a dog standing on point and they are approaching him... and then they shoot the bird and that’s it. This is not enough.

In my opinion a good video is the one that shows how a dog worked out the bird, showing the distance he smelled the bird from, the mastery of creeping upon a bird, etc.
The same with search and retrieving. You have mentioned the range... so show how your dog perform the range in different covers, whether in the opened field or dense forest.

And another advice, which is my humble opinion and actually I learnt it from very well respected pudelpointer breeder from Oregon, it is good to have an imported dog in the kennel, especially when you are dealing with relatively unknown breed. And by imported I don’t just mean a dog form outside the USA, but a dog that comes from with good pedigree and hunting lines. It will bring good genetic diversity too.
I, and not only me, personally like when breeders try to develop their own lines while still maintaining breeds original qualities, character and hunting style. Of course it’s hard and it’s related to financial and logistical issues too.

Good luck
The hunter from highlands
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Re: New Website: Cross Timber Gundogs - Pudelpointer

Postby orhunter » Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:09 pm

Highlander: Considering the amount of press the PP has gotten the past 10 or so years, they are anything but a, "relatively unknown breed." Me being a Griff person, I get an equal amount of PP inquiries, the last one just a couple days ago.
SARCASM, one of the many free services I offer
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