Video: Nigel in the Field

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Video: Nigel in the Field

Postby Higgins » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:26 am

Had Nigel (Des x Fizza) out this morning showing off for some prospective owners. Here he is demonstrating steady to wing, shot and fall, waiting for my verbal release to retrieve. In this video, I am filming and the bird flushes behind me.

This is a short clip from a longer video that will be going up on my website this week.

Hope you enjoy it.
Brad Higgins

Higgins Gundogs hunting etiquette:

Dogs: Stay in touch and handle well. Always honor another dog's point, be steady when necessary and manage the birds for the gun.
Handlers: Be silent in the hunt. Allow the dog the freedom to do his work. Nurture the natural retrieve.
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