VIDEO: Learning Steadiness Thru Release

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VIDEO: Learning Steadiness Thru Release

Postby Higgins » Mon May 08, 2023 5:13 am

Here is a recent video of a young dog learning steadiness. The owner had been allowing the dog to leave after the gunshot. He wanted to change that strategy to a new strategy that would include steady to wing, shot and fall, with the dog leaving only on a physical or verbal cue (hunt dead) from the handler. This is how we did it. This was filmed over the course of two days.
Brad Higgins

Higgins Gundogs hunting etiquette:

Dogs: Stay in touch and handle well. Always honor another dog's point, be steady when necessary and manage the birds for the gun.
Handlers: Be silent in the hunt. Allow the dog the freedom to do his work. Nurture the natural retrieve.
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