Please check my assumptions!

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Please check my assumptions!

Postby mws7 » Tue Sep 20, 2022 6:37 pm

Hello, first post, diving right in!

My first "gun" dog was a rescue Springer Spaniel that was abandoned. He was a runner and loved to retrieve and be wet. I started duck hunting down in Corpus Christi, TX just so we could play together and he LOVED it, and I enjoyed more working with him than shooting the ducks. He has since passed, and my wife and I (Houston, TX) are on the lookout for a puppy sometime 12/2022 or after.

Her: No labs, she hates the shedding! Past that, she very much prefers the "smaller" dogs. My Springer was 50 pounds and she said that was bout as big as she wanted.

Me: I want a snuggler that I can also hunt with. Access wise, ducks & dove are it today but I'm not opposed to leases or traveling in the future. I also would like to go to tests with it either AKC, NAVHDA, or both. I'm a NAVHDA international and local chapter member already, have watched some NA trials and will go to their training days this October.

Both of us: We recognize the dog will be a family member and probably not hunting 90% of its life. It -must- have a great indoor disposition. I'm absolutely for a dog that wants to be pretend to be a lap dog.

Dogs: We somewhat settled on a pointing Griffon, and have a refundable deposit on a litter expected to come home 4/2023. We love the temperament and goofiness they are known for, and their appearance. AKC retriever and NAVHDA tests are available. My concern is that 1) south Texas will stroke the dog out or 2) if I only am able to do land and water retrieving work the pup will be very sad and hate me for not having fields for it to point birds in.

Am I doing my future hunting buddy and family dog a disservice by thinking of a Griff? The other versatile dogs we considered were PP, GSP small munster, vizsla and Brittany. Non-versatile I think the Boykin would do very well, or even back to a springer. I got this all narrowed down and now am second guessing everything =P I want a great house dog who is funny and lap-oriented, who will be happy to retrieve. Being able to point quail etc would be a perk that would force me to broaden my scope of interest and would be just one more thing we could do together. Still trying to learn how to take vacations and plan things like that after 10 years of deployments and PCS moves!

If a Griff will be happy being stripped through the summer and warm weather retrieving I will stay with what we've decided. I figured a last sanity check was in order, however, since I've never owned one. There were a few at the Lone Star NAVHDA so maybe I'm over thinking it.
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