Requesting Breed Advice-New Pointing Breed Owner

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Requesting Breed Advice-New Pointing Breed Owner

Postby nick271717 » Tue Aug 10, 2021 7:07 pm

Hello, sorry as I am sure this kind of thing is asked all of the time.

I am currently looking to get one more dog, my first pointing breed, mostly to keep my current lab company when I am gone at work and give him someone to run around and play with. Also, I would be using the new dog as a bird dog. I am in NY so mostly just hunting stocked pheasants but I go up to NH or ME every year for a week to hunt grouse. I am currently between getting a GSP or an English Setter. I have found a good breeder that I would go with for either breed. I need advice on which one I should choose that would best suit my lifestyle and hunting.

As I stated above, I will mostly be hunting stocked pheasants and usually get out between 30-40 days a year. I am very active and currently bike with my lab 5 miles each morning and then do some other form of exercise (a shorter session) with him in the afternoon. I am not concerned about energy per se but would definitely be looking for a dog with that off switch that I have in my lab. I do hunt waterfowl a couple days a year but that really does not factor into my decision because my lab is just fine for that. I also would want a breed with a pretty natural retrieve to make training a little bit easier for me. In your opinion, what would be the best fit for me?
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Re: Requesting Breed Advice-New Pointing Breed Owner

Postby Oregon Woodsmoke » Wed Aug 18, 2021 4:15 pm

Unless your lab points you are likely to run into issues if you try to hunt them together.

As for house dog, it is going to depend upon the dog and the pedigree. Both those breeds can have individuals with a good off switch for the house. Both of those breeds have individuals who can never stop moving.

I only know GSP, and every one I've known has been a bit too smart for his own good (which is my preference. I like smart dogs). Most are good house dogs/ pets and well tuned-in to the owner. A few are so hyper that no one wants them in the house. Every one of them needed a good amount of exercise.This is a case of choose the puppy carefully.

Someone else is going to have to answer about the Setter. I've only known a couple of Setters and they were show bred dogs and seemed to be a bit thick.I've never known anyone with a setter that they used to hunt birds. I would expect field bred dogs to be a bit smarter; they are practically a different breed than the show dogs.
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Re: Requesting Breed Advice-New Pointing Breed Owner

Postby AverageGuy » Wed Aug 18, 2021 6:37 pm

You can find dogs in either breed which fit your criteria and plans.

You need to include your off switch objective as a key part of your litter research particularly with the GSP as some have a good one and some do not. The GSP will have far less coat maintenance and removal of burrs. Both will shed considerably in the house but no more than your Lab.
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Re: Requesting Breed Advice-New Pointing Breed Owner

Postby Highlander » Thu Aug 19, 2021 9:05 am

There are good grouse dogs and breeders in the Northeast.
I keep hearing about a breeder in NY, somewhat expansive but he is breeding Llewellin setters suited for ruff grouse hunting in NE and the upper Midwest.
I think paint river is the name. I never seen the dogs, but I met someone who's seen them and he liked.
Check out social media. He is active on it.

The GSP is tricky.
It is the most widespread breed and you will see some that will bring tears in your eyes because there are absolutely amazing and you will see some that will bring tears of pain and disappointment.
Chose your breeder wisely.

There pure upland GSP lines breed specify for grouse woods.
There are NAVHDA tested dogs that also hunt pheasants and grouse in the NE.

The other option would be the original German lines called DK (Deutsch Kurzhaar). There are a few good breeders NY, NJ, PA, NH and Maine.
One kennel is based in Maine led by Blain Carter and his son Jason. Everyone in the V-dog world know Blain Carter. Their kennel is called Merrymeeting.
Those dogs are geared towards grouse and woodcock (and waterfowl as well). They also run their dogs in NAVHDA.
I tested my pup in the VJP (the German NA test) next to a pup out of that kennel and we got best scores in field. Left very good impression on me.
They might be somewhat picky who they sell their pups to, but it worth to talk to them.

The other kennel is On Point kennel in NH run by David Trahan, the current Boss of NAVHDA. He was recently given a breeding award in Germany
He is also into grouse and woodcock dogs + all the versatile capabilities.
I have not seen his pups, but heard they are very good.

You can find more info and breeders here:

One thing is that if you go with NAVHDA or DK/JGHV tested & bred dogs, the most of the breeders (the good ones usually) will ask you, in some cases a favor in some cases a demand, to run the pup in a spring puppy test whether it is NAVHDA NA or DK Derby/VJP.
If this is not your cup of tea then you may have to negotiate with them or look elsewhere.

Good luck.
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Re: Requesting Breed Advice-New Pointing Breed Owner

Postby Steve Anker » Mon Aug 23, 2021 7:07 pm

Clumber Spaniel.......!
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