Next Vdog search - questions

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Next Vdog search - questions

Postby isuhunter » Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:19 pm

9 years ago we searched and searched for our first hunting partner. I was really intrigued by the pudelpointers then but always had been around German Shorthairs and went that route. Now that our Maggie is 9 years old we are starting to look at the next addition to the family. I really like the Pudelpointers but also hear great things about the hardiness and tenacity of the Sharpshooter GSP's.

I have a few questions regarding the PP:
-Breeder recommendations in or near Iowa?
-When researching 10 years ago there were 1-2 year waits on waiting lists, is that still the case for the Pudelpointers?
-Any watch outs in regards to lines that are more for show than sport?

We mainly pheasant hunt in Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, and South Dakota. I also occasionally duck hunt on water and field hunt geese and ducks in Iowa. Suggestions on other breeds/breeders to look at?
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Re: Next Vdog search - questions

Postby orhunter » Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:30 pm

Check out NAPPA web site for PP's in your area.

You don't know what the waiting list is till you ask an individual breeder.

NAPPA breeders produce hunting dogs, nothing else.

Other Breeds: A good Griffon will suit you just fine. Notice I used the word, "good." DD's another great choice. If you want more range, plenty of GWP's to pick from.
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Re: Next Vdog search - questions

Postby AverageGuy » Thu Feb 20, 2020 8:48 am

Long time GWP guy here.

Check out my "2019 is off and running" thread in the Hunting section for some highlights of this past season. My current dog earned a UT 1 at 17 months, health clearances for hips, elbows and thyroid. Natural genetics for point, track and retrieve, trained out easy, hunted doves, waterfowl, grouse, quail, pheasants in 6 states before he was a year old, easy on the eyes. His Breeder is KJ on this board, great guy all around, easy to do business with, extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the breed, objective/critical in his evaluations of the dogs he breeds and produces ...
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Re: Next Vdog search - questions

Postby ForTheBirds84 » Thu Feb 20, 2020 9:29 am

My Pudelpointer is 11 months old currently and I am pretty happy with the decision. I have been around GSP's and Labs most of my hunting career. I also had a Springer but never hunted him. I just wanted something different that could do it all. If you want more info message me. I got my pup from a breeder in Illinois. We only upland hunted this year but I plan to waterfowl hunt with him next season. He also did 2 deer tracks this past season and found both deer. (easy finds)So I will hopefully be doing a little more of that in the future as well.
As far as Pudelpointers bred for show to my knowledge you won't find one. They are not show dogs. They are not an AKC registered breed. For my pup I started contacting breeders in January and got on a list. I got my pup that spring. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer what I can with what I know from my experience.
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Re: Next Vdog search - questions

Postby Dmog » Thu Feb 20, 2020 10:51 am

Waiting times for good PPs are shortening up which coincidences with an increase in the amount of due diligence to find the breeder that suites you. The days of waiting a year on a list are gone for the most part unless you have that one particular breed pairing your waiting for. The popularity of the PP has grown and you now need to be concerned with pet pairings or convenience pairings in my opinion. I am happy with my PP breeder and would recommend him to anyone and he is not with the NAPPA. His track record speaks for itself. You can PM me if you are considering outside of Iowa but be forewarned, I am biased...

btw...I am biased towards Griffs also and can steer you toward GSP breeder in KS that is producing outstanding versatile dogs, I just am not a fan of the short prickly hairs(nor my wife).
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Re: Next Vdog search - questions

Postby Meridiandave » Mon Feb 24, 2020 4:42 pm

Living here in Boise and knowing Farris, Cosdon and Clark, l see a lot of PP. I think they are Wonderful dogs. I think Calvin Harpe and Bill Athens are still breeding back in your neck of the woods.

I hunt and train with a lot of Farris' broodstock and you can't go wrong there.

I have also seen some of KJ dogs at tests and training days and the are excellent wirehairs.

On a personal level, I am on my second griffon and have been very happy. There are some excellent breeders in your neck of the woods. You can't go wrong with a Stoneyridge dog. There are other breeders in your neighborhood.

I was lucky with my first griffon and got a great spectacular dog. My second dog, I was able to get a couple of days after my dog unexpectedly passed. The new dog is her nephew and is doing great so far. He is a few years from being fully evaluated, but I am pleased with his progress and pedigree. God luck and enjoy your choice either way.
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