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Postby ccccrnr » Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:17 am

ryanr wrote:
JONOV wrote:
AverageGuy wrote:NJ's law isn't any good either. 2yrs ago I was almost cited because I had my dog in it's crate in vehicle (windows down halfway.) Someone called the cops, they called her. Thankfully I was given a warning but she, the SPCA officer, took my information so it's likely recorded. She said that the law does not allow dogs to be left unattended in a vehicle FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. And she specifically said "even to stop at convenience store for a couple minutes." Since then my dogs have never again been in the state of NJ. And there is a very good NAVHDA chapter some of my friends train with and I'd like to but I'm not risking it.

Tennessee enacted the same law several years... proving common sense is dead ... or the fact that there are so many yakiees or Cali's in Tennessee you can't hardn't find real Tennesseans anymore...

Can not leave a dog in an RV or in a car alone.... Even in the middle of the night with all the windows Down (yeap cop called and i got a warning for that in Smyrna TN ( close to where DD's in the southeast test))
But if they are in a box in the back of a truck or on a dog trailer everything is just fine.... go figure ](*,)

I also got rear ended a couple years ago in Brentwood, TN by a guy that was messing with the water bowl for the dog that was bouncing loose in the front of his truck .... because he was in the truck with the loose dog no issue .... leave a dog in a shaded windows down vehicle instant crime :crazyeyes:
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