VIDEO: Flush/Stop on Cue, SWSF & Retrieve

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VIDEO: Flush/Stop on Cue, SWSF & Retrieve

Postby Higgins » Tue Mar 03, 2020 7:01 pm

Here is a recent video of one of my clients and her Brittany. They came out for 5 days of training. The owner wanted to take it all the way. Not just handling her dog through "steady to flush", she wanted steady through fall, the dog leaving only after her verbal retrieve cue. In addition, she wanted the dog to flush the pointed birds for her but only on her verbal flush/stop cue with no chasing. All of this while she is the handler AND the shooter. I included a clip from the Shotcam camera mounted to the gun. A great wingshooting training tool.

When we started (day 1), the dog was not steady to the flush and was chasing birds. In addition, he was a bit of a self-hunter, sometimes disconnecting and going off to hunt on his own. This video was taken on our last day (day 5). This is just a couple of clips of a longer video I'm working on.

The owner is doing it all now. She is the handler AND the shooter while her dog demonstrates steady to wing, shot and fall. He also does a beautiful job of presenting the birds to the gun (our flush/stop on the verbal "alright" cue). I want the dogs to take on the responsibility of flushing the bird on our “alright” cue. No chasing on that flush. What I want is an aggressive flush followed by an immediate stop to that flush. Get the bird in the air and stop. Then, wait until sent for the retrieve (“hunt dead”). He finishes it up with a nice retrieve. Good bird work with no e-collars (the collar on the dog is a GPS) and no "whoa" commands. A great demonstration of what can be accomplished when you stop with the obedience and pressure and instead, think like the dog.
Brad Higgins

Higgins Gundogs hunting etiquette:

Dogs: Stay in touch and handle well. Always honor another dog's point, be steady when necessary and manage the birds for the gun.
Handlers: Be silent in the hunt. Allow the dog the freedom to do his work. Nurture the natural retrieve.
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Re: VIDEO: Flush/Stop on Cue, SWSF & Retrieve

Postby Doc E » Tue Mar 03, 2020 8:20 pm

Nice -- very nice indeed.
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