Opinions on perimeter electric dog fence

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Opinions on perimeter electric dog fence

Postby Toneloc » Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:35 am

We'll be adding our first pup to the family in July.

We have about a 1.5 acre lot in a pretty rural area, however we do live adjacent to a subdivision with about 20 homes.

(2) Neighbors on (2) sides, and a 6 acre farm on the the other side.

I've done some researching on electric fence options and like everything else, lots of differing opinions.

If I went the electric fence route, I could basically enclose the entire 1.5 acre lot.

If I went with a traditional fence, I would not be able to have nearly as large of an area fenced, maybe 0.25 acre?

Wanted to get opinions on what you guys have used in the past and what your experience as been?

Thanks ahead for the input.

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Re: Opinions on perimeter electric dog fence

Postby AverageGuy » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:10 am

Free ranging semi-feral dogs roam where ever they please harassing wildlife 24/7 in my area, and wildlife walks through my yard on a daily basis. I could never be comfortable trusting an invisible fence when I was not supervising my dog as they do not prevent other dogs and wildlife from entering the yard.

I have always relied on supervised activities to exercise my dogs daily and keep them in secure shaded outdoor chain link kennels with tops and concrete floors when I am not working with them or supervising them in the yard or house.

Between the two a tall traditional fence with some hot wire on it to train the dog to not go over it or dig under it would be the only way I could get comfortable with that setup.
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Re: Opinions on perimeter electric dog fence

Postby Dmog » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:42 am

I have a 4 acre lot in a semi rural sub-division. HOA covenants require fences to be of wrought iron. I use a combination of a 2 PetSafe wireless perimeter fences for my 5 dogs and indoor and outdoor kennels. As mentioned, the wireless/underground fences do not keep animals out and when my girl is in heat, she is locked up in the kennel unless I am supervising her. My two hunting dogs will run through the wireless fence in pursuit of rabbits, cats, birds, or see me out there training another dog! They will not blow through it for other dogs, thank goodness. The wireless perimeter moves with weather conditions up to 5 ft. Dogs adjust to the smallest perimeter. The wireless perimeter is good for daily supervised containment and when letting out of the house for potty breaks it keeps them in the yard. When I or my wife are not at home, the two hunting dogs are locked in one of the kennels. The 3 ankle bitters hang out around the house and they will not chase critters. However, there are times where the little dogs get locked up also as coyotes can enter the yard and kill and eat your little dog. Dont ask me how I know this, it was a sad day for the wife but one of the coyote's paid the price. It wasn't a fair trade.

Another consideration is if you have Fedex/UPS deliveries. Some drivers are not dog friendly or scared of dogs and for some reason that Brown van makes my dogs going running like crazy to the driveway to welcome every delivery. Certain drivers get barked at by the little dogs and other drivers all the dogs sit and wait for the treat he brings. I would suggest your perimeter or fence exclude the delivery area.

I would recommend a secure fenced in area to secure the dog when not supervised and would not rely on a wireless/underground fence.
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Re: Opinions on perimeter electric dog fence

Postby Buck Dancer » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:15 pm

I have used hidden fences for years without a problem. Just moved to a home on 2 acres and the previous owner ran the fence line around pretty much the entire yard (I would have done a smaller area. Anyway set up flags this spring for my 7 month old dog and trained him on the perimeter in one day. Flags still up after a month and will start taking them down. He has not ran the fence to go after deer, squirrels, rabbits that he has spotted.

A bonus two neighbor dogs run free and come into our yard to poop get harrassed and humped by my dog until they get out of the yard. So far I have only let him out when I am around to keep tabs on him, it will be a while before I leave him alone while I drive off. My older dog, I would not hesitate to leave him out all day as he has proven not to go anywhere. The new dog will need to earn my trust.

Agree on the UPS/delivery drivers. Some are terrified of dogs and will not deliver, others bring snacks. I would never use a hidden fence on a dog that might bite a human that entered the yard.
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Re: Opinions on perimeter electric dog fence

Postby ryanr » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:39 pm

In my experience with 3 dogs at the same time, the Invisible Fence works quite well. I would say we had solid 99% success with it once the dog(s) trained on it. And yes, we had hunting dogs. You want to check the batteries on the collars every now and then.

While we would let them out for a good while sometimes while we were inside we did not leave them out if we were actually going somewhere. I wouldn't do that even with a physical fence.
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Re: Opinions on perimeter electric dog fence

Postby Drahthaar1108 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:41 pm

I have had the invisible fence for quite a long time, it is about 2 acers , I had the company turn the collar up hot as it will go, all kinds of critters come in to the yard and the dogs stay in the yard. keep a close eye on the batteries. Both dogs stay out all day, 1 dog is 12 years old the other is 22 months. Forrest
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Re: Opinions on perimeter electric dog fence

Postby blue04 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:26 pm

As has been shared, the invisible fence does a good job of keeping your dogs in your yard. It doesn't do a good job of keeping other people's dog OUT of your yard (obviously). After several run-ins with dogs that belong to my neighbors who don't keep their dogs at home and have dogs that aren't friendly to other dogs, I did away with my invisible fence and put up a split rail fence with page wire backing.
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