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Posting images

Postby Christie » Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:01 pm

There are now two ways to post an image.

The first is using BBCode 'Img' tag inside square brackets []. In order to use these tags, you must have your images stored on the Internet. Images stored on your hard drive cannot be uploaded to this forum using this method. To use this method, you can use photo hosting services like, Flickr, ImageShack, or Snapfish or host your images on your own photo server.

You must know the exact URL of your photo and include the full path including http:// part. The 'Img' tag button is located above the post text area. An example would be to put "" into the Img tags. Your text should appear as:
Code: Select all
. The final product would look like:

The second method is to post the photo as an attachment. This method allows you to upload the images from your hard drive and we host it. There is a limitation on the file size you can upload, which is 200KB. There is also a limit per post of 3 photos. The entire forum has a limit of 1 GB for attachments.

To use this method, scroll down to the tabbed menu below your post text area and select the "Upload attachment" tab. Upload your image and click on "Add file file" to have it attached to your post. You'll also want to make sure you click on the option "Place inline" after you upload the attachment. This will place the image in your post instead of making it a link. When you are finished, it should look like this:

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