VJP done, Malta ID JVG-RM

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VJP done, Malta ID JVG-RM

Postby ANick » Thu May 04, 2017 1:30 am

If you read the NAVHDA subforum you might have seen Dot's first of two tests with the Wasatch bunch.

The next weekend was Dot's VJP up in Malta, ID this last weekend of April. Having a few days to get more used to altitude helped, but didn't cure 'conditioning'.. it remained a glaringly obvious condition of restraint.

But, we went out and she did her thing. By the time we got done with the hare track (any other day the jackrabbits were as thick as moss on a Seattle rooftop) Dot was learning the siren call of, "Rabbit!" and looking for a raised arm! Her point had a very graceful, yet adequately terrifying, panther crawl to a final point. Actually, one of the judges called, 'Point, No.', as she initially froze half a heartbeat and then lost scent in a gust.. (my theory). When she DID finally point, that was rock solid. Picked her up and on we went.

It was a decent day, would have been better if she/we were in better shape, a bit more training time, and yada, and yada, and yada. But, through the two weekends I got to watch the pup improve quite a bit. She got introduced to jackrabbits, scented her first ruffed grouse (a nice hot spot point), fetched up two legs of jackrabbits and one of coyote and the after half of some smaller mammal's skeleton... (Thank you dear..) .. and if anything gave me more each time out.

We scored 65, perhaps nothing stellar. But, one of the judges commented afterwards that they really liked the rapport we had through the test, changes in direction, recalls, the pick ups.. the return after the hare track.. that felt good to be acknowledged.

Now, over in the other group, Dot's sister Ibis walked in off the mountains and went to work. She got a 78 for her efforts, so the family honor was pretty much upheld. :)

All in all, a busy, fun and educational pair of weekends.

To the judges, organizers and the myriad others directly involved or indirectly (like families thereof?!) .. my many thanks for the efforts.

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