Should ground/water swatting be illegal?

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Re: Should ground/water swatting be illegal?

Postby mtbirder » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:00 pm

PS. In my reply, I never questioned if those methods should be legal nor stated I thought they were unethical. Only that I found them personally distasteful. Next should we discuss religion? :shock:[/quote]
What about a food plot is unethical? Truly bizarre...

Here's when these discussions go off the rails. Guys get so jacked up over their own position(s) that they begin to lose simple reading comprehension - never said "is/are" unethical. Reread. As goes the realization that different folks do indeed have differing perceptions (not realities).
We all like dogs, I think......
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Re: Should ground/water swatting be illegal?

Postby RowdyGSP » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:37 pm

Yeah I think that's one thing all of us can agree on (I hope): love of dogs. I don't think ground sluicing or water swatting birds should be illegal, in places where it isn't illegal already. I've always said that once you change one law then it gives the anti's ammo to get their foot in the door. Like when Oregon banned hunting of cougars and bears with hounds. Then you had attempts (fortunately failed ones) at the same banning of bird dogs. But where does it end? So for me to promote making it illegal would be hypocritical to my beliefs. That don't mean I'll ever hunt with someone who's okay with swatting birds but I can agree to disagree and will admit my initial post was a bit harsh and near-sighted.
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Re: Should ground/water swatting be illegal?

Postby AverageGuy » Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:28 am

mtbirder wrote:AG, one thing I've learned at the end of a 30+ year career managing, conserving, and attempting to enhance some of the best public fish and wildlife resources in America along with their habitat, is that my toes shouldn't be real sensitive when being "stepped on". I probably ain't right as well as you probably ain't wrong.
Especially when the steppers feet are trodding the same path I am, only with a different perspective.
As someone who has been fortunate (as I) enough to work for the American Sportsman, thanks for being "conservation in action". More guys like you would have made my job a lot easier as well as more effective.

Mtbirder, Thank You for your career of service to what we all love and cherish, and Thanks for this post. Happy Hunting.
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