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Bracco Italiano

Postby Braccoquestions » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:53 pm


My family is considering buying a bracco italiano as our first hunting dog (not first family pet). We have interest in the bracco italiano for perceived ease with families, lower energy level hunting dog and good looks. Does anyone on here have any experience with this breed. We hope to hunt pheasant, quail and grouse. Location would be NC or TN. Possibly some hunting in PA for grouse.

-Are braccos a good breed choice for PA grouse hunting?
-Are braccos a good "first hunting dog" breed choice?
-Anything we should know about this breed vs other more common hunting breeds?
-Any breeder suggestions?

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Re: Bracco Italiano

Postby Calvinator » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:26 pm

You might also consider the Burgos Pointer. Not many around. A friend imported a nice pup directly from Spain. He was considering a Bracco prior to importing his Burgo. However, he learned that apparently the Bracco has some breeding troubles such as small litter size or breedings not taking.
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Re: Bracco Italiano

Postby Big Bird » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:08 pm

In your criteria you have two of the three prerequisites correct for a Bracco Italiano. They are eye appealing (different ) , generally excellent with family , and depending on the breeding can be as athletic in the field as a GSP. In most cases they are larger than a GSP, The Bracco was bred to hunt field in Italy, while the Spinone was bred to hunt wood lots. The fields required a larger running dog being developed while the Spinone was bred for shorter casts. That was the historical development. Modern breeding has changed the `lower energy`perception and today you can get possibly a lower energy Bracco , but more over any that have been bred for hunting generally have a respectable range with a consistent pace that makes the dog appear to be more of a bull dozer than a Farari . I have owned two, seen many and there is as broad a spectrum on the energy level as there is on any GSP . The characteristic that I admire the most is their ability to turn on and off the hunting mode. They can give you the laid back appearance of loafing on a front porch with a banjo strumming from a chap in a rocking chair to lets get in on like a mixed marshal fighter in the field. They are a softer dog to train than a GSP, but very intelligent.

I have hunted both mine on grouse. My big guy, 85 lbs was compared in the grouse bush to a full back in ballerina shoes. Our girl is much more energetic and has not yet at two years of age developed a quality rep or with grouse.

The west seems to be the bigger developer of breeders. Riverbend, Italian Woods, Dancing Duke are a few breeders. Google them for their web pages.
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Re: Bracco Italiano

Postby Spindog » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:45 pm

I don't have a wealth of knowledge but I can offer my input.
I am a big guy. 6'5" 280ish Pounds. I gravitated to the larger pointing breeds just because them seem more appropriate size for me. Started with Spinoni and was really happy with them. Had 2 very good ones. While looking for another I came across a Bracco. Did some research and calling around and was convinced to "try one out". So far so good. Very pleased with mine. Had a great first season. Has a lot more speed and range than expected. Very strong pointing instinct and I would give him high cooperation marks.

Grouse Hunting in PA? Don't see any problems. No burrs and if you get a bright white one you can see them quite a distance in the woods.
First hunting dog breed? I think so. So far Leo seems very intelligent, cooperative and has good instincts.
Bracco vs. Others? They are Larger and Stronger than most breeds. Can be a bit to handle on lead. My wife is taking a class with my dog so she can show him and handle him by herself. So far so good. You have to pay attention to them off lead. They can get into trouble fast. People seem very intimated with them. They seem to welcome and encourage a Spinone but shy away and keep their distance from a Bracco.
Breeders? My guy is from Hidalgo's. They seem professional and hunt and show their dogs. give them a look at also.

Hope this helps.
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