The hero of the day.

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The hero of the day.

Postby SMAbby » Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:46 pm

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My hero of the day, Old Man Max.
This is nothing new to you V-dog owners, infact, it is an event that probably plays out quit often while hunting.But every once in awhile your old dog does something that will stay with you long after the last wag of his tail, this is one of those.

This wild bird was winged by one of my hunting partners. Max was pretty tired( 4 hour run) and tried to run the bird down. In fact, had the bird in his mouth twice....I thought.
The guys walked off and I asked if he wanted me to continue looking for the bird. Their thought was that rooster was long gone. I felt different. I figured he ran and hunkered down or possibly went to hole. But I kept Max at it.
He lost it and searched for the next 10 minutes before he returned to me spent.This NEVER happens.....or never used to. I laid him down and watered him. Let him rest for 10 minutes.
Max knew there was a bird to be found and I could see and feel his frustration as he fought the resting period the whole time.
I let him up and turned him loose. He searched until he picked up the track. I sat patiently on the hillside and let the old man work knowing that this was a score that he alone had to settle for his sanity.
Another 15 minutes and an easy 500 yards on the garmin,and he had the elusive avian in his clutches. I could do nothing more than grin from ear to ear. I limited out today. Both over pointed birds and wild flushes. But nothing compares to watching an old dog recovering a bird they said couldn't be found.

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Re: The hero of the day.

Postby jlw034 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:57 pm

That's great! Always trust the dog, like they say!

I'll never forget hunting with my mentor. I put a bad shot on a rooster. Two labs were running circles looking for it. After a few minutes both dogs were out of sight. I was eager to keep hunting, and asked my mentor what we should do.

He replied, "I don't care what you do, but I'm going to sit down and have a sandwich."

10 minutes later the dogs came out of the corn with a very alive rooster.
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