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Postby snicklefritz » Mon Apr 16, 2007 5:13 pm

Take any dog you choose. Stick it in a 50x100 ft fenced in lot that also contains a a house trailer, an old car up on cynder blocks. Chain it to the trailer, never take it out for exercise. For that matter, take it to the local convenience store in the back of a pick-up truck, but nowhere else. Teach it to play rough when it's a puppy, then whack it with a 2x4 when it disobeys as an adult. Keep doing that until the dog is totally schizophrenic and dying of boredom and you will have a dangerous dog.

Sorry for the stereotype, but I"m from the south, and a former deputy sheriff, and that is what I saw far too often. Having to do your job in the presence of pit bulls that have been raised as I described above can be dangerous.

The problem is as much the owners as it is the breed. When raised in this kind of environment pit bulls are particularly dangerous because they are so tenacious when they attack. They never, ever give up. You can't beat them off, you can't mace them, you can't yell at them. Sometimes, you just have to shoot them.

Nevertheless, I would still be more in favor of some kind of licensing than a complete ban. The problem with licensing is that, in the south at least, there are million pit bull mixes. How do you determine which mix is a pit bull and subject to licensing? The mixes can be worse than the pure breds because they are a dime a dozen and anybody can afford one - they're free in the Sunday paper. Sorry, but my bias is showing big time.

Oh, well. Nobody is completely free of some sort of bias. My bias is against your average, run-of-the-mill, pit bull owner.
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Pit legislation

Postby Joe C. » Wed May 09, 2007 11:22 am

We all know instincts are in the breeding. A bird dog hunts birds by instinct. A Pit Bull fights by instinct. The traits are then brought out and refined by training or not. There will always be both good and bad dog owners. That being said, I see something wrong with breeding dogs for their instinct to fight to the death. I am against all fighting breeds and will support any legislation against them, however political and misguided it may be. I am for the extinction of the fighting breeds. They serve no legal purpose in the modern world. The bad dog owners out there will have to get their dogs from other breeds.
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