Stichelhaar breeders in the usa

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Re: Stichelhaar breeders in the usa

Postby Wolfgang » Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:33 pm

Quilldog wrote:Thank you I understand how hard it is and how much politics are in trying to get something or to prove you want to try and help the breed.

If you want to do yourself a favour stay away from "your project" DST is a breed which has way more problems which they (breeders ,fanciers) can't solve even here with this extremely small genepool.
how would you want to approach it on your side of the pond?
Onlyway would be what the chechz's and some german"breeders" already did ,to cross with other close related breeds :wink:
Everybody who has some common sense should figure if chechz or any other country get's dogs from germany with extremely small genepoollike DST,PP,Griffon, how can they extend it with even less and closer related dogs :shock: :oops:
The answer is simple they cross with what is available :wink: :cry:
This itself would not be a problem for me cause it is the rule and the slogan of the foundation man of DD ......breed with whatever you want ,but be honest,and show proofed performance!
Unfortunately the middle part of this slogan be honest is missing for the most part of those breedings :wink: :shock:
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Re: Stichelhaar breeders in the usa

Postby orhunter » Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:45 pm

Great post Wolfgang.

Some of the Czech dogs were crossed with Griffons a while back. I don't know what was accomplished or how those lines compare to other lines?

Any breed is no different than another unless the standards to which it is bred are different from other similar breeds and those characteristics are repeatable in the offspring. Pretty tough these days to see a pack of "wirehair" dogs and be able to say what each individual is. Some may be obvious, others, not so much. I quit trying to guess and now just ask the owner.

"breed whatever you want, but be honest and show proofed performance." We wouldn't have all the great dogs we have today had it not been for this very wise statement.
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Re: Stichelhaar breeders in the usa

Postby Quilldog » Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:07 pm

True very true words of advice. With the Americanization of our breeds what the past breeders did would not be looked at very kind ... derjag.htm is a great artical that we should try and keep in mind!
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