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System Upgrade

Postby Karl » Sun Dec 19, 2004 4:57 pm

As i'm sure you've noticed, we had an unscheduled outage between last night and about an hour ago. That's the bad news.

Good news, the server has been completely overhauled.
we're now running on:
-2Ghz processor (we have about a 20x performance gain over what we had)
-64bit processor (amd64)
-2x the RAM (dual channel)
-faster hard drives

And we're also running on the Linux 64-bit 2.6 kernel.

Techno-babel translation, we're running circles around what we used to have. Everything on should be much snapier and quicker.

Sorry for all the last minute downtime... but the old box was having some serious problems... I don't think it would have survived the weekend.

Enjoy! :)

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