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National and International Breed, Hunt, and Trialing Clubs.

Breed, Hunt Test, and Trialing Clubs
Joining a breed, hunt test, or trialing club is a great way to meet other hunters and trainers in your area. Through a local club or organization, you can learn how to train your dog, find new places to hunt, and help conservation efforts in your area.

Locate a breed or hunt/trialing club near you by visiting our Local Clubs Web Sites

All-Breed and Breed-Specific National Kennel Clubs

American Kennel Club


Canadian Kennel Club


The Kennel Club (UK)


North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association


Australian National Kennel Council


United Kennel Club


Federation Cynologique Internationale

National Hunt and Trialing Clubs

American Hunting Dog Club


Hunting Retriever Club


North American Hunting Retriever Asscociation


United Field Trialer's Association

Versatile Hunting Dog Federation

National Shoot-to-Retrieve Association


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