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Won't retrieve on land and Breaking

Dear Trainers,
I hunt in Eagle Lake, TX. I goose and duck hunt. My black lab is now close to being 3yrs old. I have two problems. 1st she will only retrieve in water. If she goes to retrieve on land she'll sniff the duck/goose and leave it there. But if its in water she'll bring right to me with no hassle. My 2nd problem is she breaks. She has a really good eye for spotting duck/geese. When she sees the birds, no matter on land or water she freaks out. I have to hold her and tell her to be quiet, then I shoot and she'll retrieve (if it's in water). She loves to hunt, it makes her day to see duck/geese falling from the sky. During retrieving sessions she is perfect. She'll fetch on water and land. And she doesn't break, she'll wait till I give her the command "back" and she'll bring it back without any hassle.
Thanks, Travis


Retrieving in water and not on land is fairly common. You need to have your dog force fetched. I recommend taking the dog to an experienced pro or retriever club so that you get the job done right. The force fetch (trained retrieve) is the cornerstone of all good retriever work. Your problem isn't just about retrieving, it's a control issue and the force fetch will go a long way to correcting the root problem.

The breaking while hunting and not in training is also fairly common. You did not allow good training to become good habit before taking the dog afield. I would take the dog out on a few hunts where I didn't even fire a shot. Have a friend do the shooting so that you can concentrate on dog training in a hunting environment.

Best of luck,

Bill Corcoran
Highland Retriever Kennel
Highland Retriever Kennel

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