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Chewing on dummy on return

My lab is 8 months old. I have her trained well on heel,sit,stay,and come. She is also retrieving excellent. She will do doubles and loves the water. The only real problem I have encountered is with force fetching. She insist on chewing the wooden dumbell that I am using. She is a good dog, but how do I teach force fetching with her constantly chewing. As soon as I can get her forced fetched all she will need is time in the field for now. Thanks for your help

It sounds like you have a nice working pup there. I would use different items to teach her to hold. I like to use soft paint rollers that are light weight and easy for a dog to hold. I pat the dog under it chin if it starts to roll or chew and tell them HOLD. It may be that the wooden dumbell is heavy andthis is causing bite down on it to get a better hold on it. I would start with light weight items on hold and as she hold them without rolling them , then I would move on to heavier objects. Small bumpers etc. Are you going to teach just hold or are you going to continue force fetch. There is an excellent article on force fetching and I would be happy to give you the web address so you could print out a copy. It will shows you step by step from start to finish.

Good luck with your pup.

Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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