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Slow Return

I have a four year old male Chesapeake that is HR titled and conventionally trained. He is everything I could want in a duck dog with the exception of one area I would like to improve. He goes out on retrieves fast and stylish but on the recall he paces himself to the point that he is almost at a walk. Can this area of his own natural make up be conditioned to make the delivery to hand a little faster

If your dog were younger and you were starting him out and he showed the signs of a slow returns with the bird, you could speed him up somewhat by teasing him with another bird or bumper from land to get a faster return. But based on the dogs age and the fact that you are not training with a collar there really is not a great deal you can do. You can try tempting him .with a bird from land this may get a quicker return. But I feel it probley won't make much of a difference. What has happened is the thrill of seeing the bird being shot , watching the bird going down and flying out to retrieve the duck is gone. The only thing left for the dog to do is bring it back and sit and wait for another bird to be shot.. so why hurry back, the bird for this short period of time is his. Possession. Sounds like you have a nice dog there and have done a good job of training him.

Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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