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Unproductive point

Hi There,
I am writing to you in regards to my four year old male GSP. He was supposedly trained professionaly in New York somewhere and I acquired him as an adult about a year ago. This past hunting season I was hunting him up here in northern Minnesota on Ruffed Grouse. He points many times and there is nothing there! Is his nose so good he points where a grouse had been or is there something I can do to get him to point birds not places they may have been?
Benji Young

Hi Benji

This is a hard one without seeing the dog work. I will try and help with some advice. It could be that the dog is still getting use to a new enviroment but I doubt it. The dog might be what I call over broke, if this is the case then when you are hunting the dog and it goes on point, don't say anything like whoa. just walk in and flush if a bird does not flush just keep walking. Don't pay any attention to the dog, walk off and leave him. Hopefully he will stop doing it. If the dog makes a mistake and flushes a bird don't be hard on him and don't try and stop the the dog with the whoa command. Hope this helps and the dog improves.

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