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Now What? 14 months

I have a 14 month old male GSP. I've had him out to our local public hunting areas, as well as Nebraska. I try to take him out to a field about once a week just run now that the season is over. The positive attributes of my dog are that he stays close (40 yards) and he listens. He seems to get birdy every so often, but about half the time it ends up being a mouse or ground squirrel. I've killed three birds over him, which were flushed. After reading the valuable information on your site, I've realized this was a mistake.

He has 1 hunting season under him, with very limited training. I really wanted to see his natural ability before I started intense training. I've done some table work with him and planted dummies around my backyard. My question is, where should I go from here? Should I start to planting pigeons or quail in the fields that we work while using a check chord or without? When he does point, he is very steady but creeps every now and then.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Greg and Woody in Buckeye Country

Hi Greg and Woody. From what I have read your dog Woody is ready for advance train. You have all spring and summer to get him ready. Start his yardwork and teach him to whoa and to come when called, also if you wish force break him to retrieve. Checkcord him on planted birds piegons or gamebirds like quail. Keep him under control with the checkcord until he is broke. It is up to you how far you want to go with the steadying , steady to flush or steady to wing and shot. Have fun and enjoy your dog. Maurice

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