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Pup not pointing

I have a 6 month old pudelpointer who is not pointing. She is a excellent hunter and is very obedient. I had been hunting her on pheasants and have not shot anything over her since november 7. I was wondering if I could use a dead pheasant or some scent for her to point or should I take her to a trainer and have them use live birds. When she flushes a bird I have been taking her back to the spot and whoaing her.

I would let this 6 month old pup have its way this hunting season. Give it time to mature before putting any real training pressure on it. If you are hunting it on wild birds, that is the best thing you can do. She will start pointing before long, because she can not catch a wild bird. When she points don't say a word to her, whoa is definitly a word, get to her as calmly as possible and try to kill the bird for her. Let her develop on her on this season. You will have plenty of time to teach her advanced manners before next hunting season. Have fun and enjoy your pup.

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