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Running to big for turkeys

Hi, and thank you for giving me the chance to ask you a question about dogs hunting. I'm trying find out some answers that would help my husband while hunting with his Eng. pointer, Patty. She is a spayed, 5 yr.old Eng. pointer. My husband uses her to hunt wild turkey. Patty LOVES this. His question is, "how can he get Patty to hunt closer to him?". He loves the way she hunts and swoops out, then on her way back she picks up his trail and follows behind him and then goes beyond to flush out more turkeys. But lately, the more she hunts, the more she wants to go further and further away. She would usually return when he would blow a crow-caller. Now she chooses not to respond to that.

He also has thought about possibly getting another dog to complement her. One that would also hunt wild turkey. His question is, "which breed enjoys hunting wild turkey best, and should he get one to hunt with/without Patty?". A Weimaraner? A German Shorthaired Pointer? Another Eng. Pointer? What suggestions do you have? Thanks ever so much for you time, and well appreciated advice. D.

Dear D:

The English Pointer, "Patty" is only doing what he/she was bred to do; "run big." At least that is the term we use when describing a dog that wants to hunt in the "next county" instead of hunting "close" with you. Patty could be brought closer to hunt but probably only with an electronic collar. You would need to train the dog on a check-cord to know that when you say "here" you mean just that. Once the dog has learned to come, you can transfer that over to the electronic collar.

If you are thinking about adding a "compliment canine" to Patty, the various Breeds you mention are probably going to only mimic Patty's methods, for they too are breeds of hunting dogs that are "bred for the purpose of hunting at long distances." I'm not trying to sell you anything but if you want a Turkey Dog that is "bred to hunt close, with you", check out my website and give the Llewellin Setter your consideration. It sounds like the match between what your husband is looking for in a dog, and what the Llewellin loves to do, might just be the perfect match. I hope this has answered your questions and concerns. If not, feel free to Email me again.


Ted Wigglesworth
Houdini Llewellin Setters

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