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Getting my retriever to point

I have a 8 month old lab who is coming along nice. He will sit stay retrieve and all. Now I think I'm a little late on whoa for training and need to instill this command. When we go after a planted bird wing (we don't have birds here and cant use them), I use the command pace for whoa. It sounds like no to him and He will stay close to me as we reach the area. I don't know how get the idea that he is to not retrieve the bird for me because he knows this is his job. any help thanks, Dave


In order to teach any dog to point you must capitalize on the instinct to stalk "live" game. Many animals will "flash point" game that they are stalking. The whoa command is nothing more than a stand-stay command used to prolong the point into staunchness and steadiness.

You may use bumpers, dead birds or wings for retrieving but you are going to have to use live birds for pointing. Plant them upwind and hidden from view of the dog. Do not allow him to catch a bird on the ground. Use a checkcord and teach him to whoa on command and to hold the point until you arrive.

Pointing and retrieving are different behaviors that stem from one instinct. Keep them separate and your dog should not have trouble with them.

Best of Luck

Bill Corcoran
Highland Retriever Kennel
Highland Retriever Kennel

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