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Getting your dog to range closer

How do I teach my pointer to hunt close (30-60' from me). She is very smart but I don't know how to relate to her that she needs to stay close to me. When we are out she goes out and then I have to call her back in. For the last 2-3 months I have benn keeping her on a 40' lead while training. I would like any information you could give.

Hello and Thanks for the opportunity to reply to your question about your pointers hunting range.

It sounds very much like you've been doing the right things to shorten his range. One additional trick we use is to use the whoa command. Your dog must obey the whoa command well for this to work.

When the dog gets to the edge of your 'comfort range', whoa him. Take your time about getting to him then release him to continue hunting once you arrive at his side. Repeat this until he gets the idea that if he goes too far, he'll have to whoa.

Another tool you can use is the e-collar, though we don't recommend it until you've tried everything else. You'll need the help of a professional to utilize this tool as it is easy to ruin a dog if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

You've chosen a breed (I take it that your dog is an English pointer and not a GSP) that inherently (in the majority of blood lines) does Not Work Close. You have your work cut out for you.

Lastly, I should mention that a well bred dog will hunt to the terrain. If the terrain is wide and open, the dog should open up its range, if it's tight grouse/woodcock cover, the dog should close it's range.

There are some good books out there that will give you step-by-step instructions on training your dog such as Wolters Gundog, Delmar Smith, etc..

Good luck.

Dave Jones
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