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Beeper Collars

I have a 9 mo. old vizsla and plan on hunting him this year he is short so i bought him a beeper collar how should i introduce this to him, or give me pros and cons of using this type of collar. thanks Mn. LL

We hunt in Northern Wisconsin a lot and in wooded cover with our dogs. Every dog we run has a beeper collar otherwise we would have a very hard time finding them. They work great and we have never noticed any problems with scaring game away or causing them to flush wild. We've also used them in Iowa and South Dakota hunting pheasants (we sometimes switch it over to point only mode). The only con that I had with them is shutting them off after a hard and tiring hunt (they sometimes get very annoying when the dog is by your side). Innotek and Tri-Tronics have combined beepers with e-collars which can be shut off remotely which is great to have. We introduce our dogs by just putting it on during a training day working them on birds. Some dogs ignore it right away and some take a little bit more time, but we haven't had one that totally wanted to get away from the noise. They are another good useful hunting tool.

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