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Catching dizzied birds

I have a 4 yr old GSP that I was getting over gunshyness using piegons I caught! I would dizzy them and plant them. Everything went well She would point and I would flush and I would allow here to give chase while I fired the gun! It has worked wonderfully! The problem is now that she caught a few birds buy grabbing them when I kicked them in the air. She grabbed them right out of the air! Now she is not pointing and she is just going in and grabbing the dizzy bird! Or if she points its fo a mill a sec before grabbing the bird. Could you share any ideas with me. Thank You in advance!"

This is simply a matter of "reminding" your dog what you expect of her when she winds game.

You can go about this a variety of ways:
  1. Handle her on a check cord, perpendicular to the wind, downwind of a caged bird. Put the bird in high grass so as not to be seen. As soon as your dog winds the bird with a hard turn left of right, hold the check cord & do not allow the dog to advance. After 15 seconds of standing still, pick the dog up & praiseher as you bring her away from the area. Put her up in her crate for a 1/2 hour to think about what she's done. She doesn't see the bird! she smells it, she stands still, she gets praise & then she's allowed to think about it immediately after the event.

  2. Whoa train her on a table, then in your yard, then in a field. Then you fly birds out of your hand, progressing to adding the shot. Then planted birds. Notice how this is "backwards"? Kinda of like undoing what you're trying to correct.

Good luck,

rob hopkins
Hoppy's Kennels

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