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Best flea kill for dogs

HI Dr. Mike,
I live in Hawaii (Kauai), and during those hot dog days of summer, the fleas can and do get overwhelming. I have tried many different remedies (Advantage, Top spot, pestisides, flea shampoo/soap, flea collars, and you name it, I probably bought it!). Every product seems to make the problem worse, because when the ground gets treated, the fleas jump on the dogs with a vengence!! Then I bathe them with flea shampoo, and within minutes of their bath, they have fleas again :(. I have asked my vet about possible sollutions, and I've tried everything hes suggested (Nothing worked!). I feel that the only way I will be rid of them, will be to get rid of the dogs, YIPES, I can't part with them (1 German Shorthair Pointer, 1 Chinease Pug/Lasa apso, 1 mixed breed, and 1 chiuahua terrier mix), I love them all like family. Please let me know if there is something else I could do for my problem.
Thank You & Aloha
Tawnya ( Waging war against fleas!!!)

Tawyna, thanks for the question, I think you said it correctly when you said it was a "war" against fleas and with the new flea control products we are winning. It sounds like you already realize the importance of treating the environment as fleas may only spend 10% of their time on the dog. There are are quite a few commercial products..foggers etc that are good for this task, i also like to dust areas the dogs frequent (bedding,resting areas) with a flea powder containing pyrethrins. Your vet has several products that should control the fleas, i personally like Frontline, especially the spray because it is very effective and still works if the dog gets wet. In severe cases I also use Program which is a product thtat doesnt kill fleas but inhibits their ability to reproduce. Program is made by Novartis and their technical support number is 1-800-637-0281, they are happy to work with you and your veterinarian. As a last resort you can always move here to tha Albuquerque area where we dont have many flea problems (too hot and too dry). If I see a heavy flea burden on a pet I usually have to ask how long they plan to visit New Mexico and when they plan to return to Texas :)

A new product looms that deserves some attention, it's called "Revolution" by Pfizer. It's a once a month spot on product that is supposed to prevent fleas, ticks, heartworms, sarcoptic mange in dogs as well as ear mites in cats. I havn't used it yet but it sounds promising.

Have fun, Dr. Mike

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