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Adult tail docking

Dear Dr. Mike,
I have an english pointer, male almost 2 years old with a crook at the last one and a half inches of his tail. This seems to catch brush and rubs the hair and skin off, durring the average trip his right hip turns red from blood off his tail. While hunting he doesn't favor it too much, but at home it's between his leggs often and I can see his discomfort. Would docking his tail be ok at this age, down to 5 or 6 inches, past another area on his tail that could have been damaged as a young puppy or before. thanks John

John, I think tail docking is a reasonable solution to your problem. Have the surgery done in the off season so it has plenty of time to heal. After the tail is docked your German Shorthair's...........errrrrrr English Pointers problems will be solved.

Dr. Mike

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