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Resocializing adults with new pup

Dear Sir,
I have two labs (Male and Female) and have recently kept a female puppy from their last litter for training purposes. My question stems from my fear that I am failing in the socialization department. Both adult labs have went every where with me including my recliner and house. My adult female seems to be overly aggressive with (strange) people. I was totally unprepared for this from her (having introduce her to different social settings and many strange people). She is two (+) years old. My male is closer to three years old and couldn't not be happier to see a new face here or there. What can I do to correct this overly aggressive nature? Now that I am raising a female puppy, I want to get it right. This puppy has shown early signs of being timid (backing off, barking) with people. Please help.

Sounds like you have your hands full. The most important part of raising dogs from puppies is introducding dogs to all types of new situations, sounds, areas, and people. It sounds to me like you did that in raising the two older dogs. Every once in a while you see a dog that has aggressive behavior, often times it can be because they are afraid , they can be what we call fear bitters. I would buy a light weight plastic bat they type kids use, I would set the older female up. I would have someone come over that she has not seen before, tell them that if she growls at them that you are going to correct her for this type of behavior. If she starts to show any signs of bad behavior, get after her with the bat. Don't worry it won't hurt her. She has to know and learn lear that this type of behavior will not be alowed at all. I have a feeling that this may be in her breeding and that there is a good chance that you will not be able to correct it. In this case you are just going to be waiting and in time she will bite someone. I would advise you to be very careful with her. The second thing to check out with this dog is her health. It could be if this behavior just started, that there may be a physical problem (a tumor, etc).

When I bred a dog the first thing I want to know is that both parents have sound temperment. If they don't I do not breed them as this can be passed on to the pups.

With your young dog I would continue to socialize her as much as possible if this does not help, I would say she probley has inheirited this from her mother. Dogs that are afraid become fear bitters. I would be concerned here.

Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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