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3-legged dog

My nine-month-old Golden Retiever got something wrapped around his leg. It cut off the circulation long enough that it killed the nerve endings at the bottom of his hind foot. Can you give any advice on if I will be able to train him, and if so, how?


I have to recommend that you have a vet give you an assessment of how much use the dog has of that leg. If the damage is extensive, then you will have to make a tough decision. It may be worthwhile to consider another dog if this dog severely crippled by the injury.

If the damage is not extensive or the dog is not badly affected by it, then you may be able to do a limited amount of work. Keep your sessions short and watch for fatigue or change of attitude. I have seen some three legged dogs that lost a leg to disease or injury that were every bit as enthusiastic about the work as their four legged counterparts.

Good Luck

Bill Corcoran
Highland Retrievers

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