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Chocolate Labrador puppy coloring

I'm in the process of purchasing an English breed chocolate lab. The breeder appears to reputable and has years of experience. My concern is that the puppies from the litter have a grayish tint around their paws. Some of the pups are worse than others. The breeder indicated that the grayish tint should go away by the time the pups are 6 months old. Should I be concerned about this? What are the possible causes of this condition?
Thanks in advance for your help,

You have reason to be concerned. Are both parents chocolate? Is one of the parents yellow?. I have seen this off color when a chocolate is crossed to yellow. I am a breeder. Chocolates should be all solid one color. A bit of white on the chest is not uncommon and a white spot on the chest equal to a silver dollar is fine. I do not feel that this grey color will go away. If you have purchased the dog to use only as a hunting dog and have no breeding plans it really should not matter. Ask the breeder if she is willing to guarantee in writing that this color will go away in a specified perioid of time. If it does not , will she refund an agreedeed upon portion of your purchase price. Her answer to this question will tell you how sure she is of the color going away. Kim Moses
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