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Ignoring commands during hunts

I have a two year old German Shorthair. Last season I spent more time looking for him than I actually spent hunting, but this year he seems to be performing much better. During the first year that I owned him we worked together on commands at least twice daily, I know he knows what I am telling him. When I have his attention he behaves just like I would want, but when we are hunting he acts like he has a brain tick and just wants to run. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can keep his attention? He works very hard, but he works alone, he needs to learn that we work together. Also, when he does calm down what is a good distance for him to be away from me?

This sounds like a nice dog, that has alot of desire. If the dog knows the commands and does not respond when he is in the field hunting you need to get to the dog and make the same correction that you used in yard training the commands. The dog needs to understand that the same rules apply in the hunting field. Do not give a command that you can not enforce, if you do that you are teaching the dog that he does not have to obey the commands when he is hunting. Some work on released game would also be helpful. When the dog points and does his job right on the bird kill it for him. He will start including you in the program because you kill the bird for him. Hope this helps. Enjoy your dog and make training fun...

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