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GSP tail lengths

Hi, I just recently (Nov. 5) bought my first German Shorthair. He is a great looking pup I think. When I took him to go meet some of my friends with GSP's, they commented on how short his tail was. It is my understanding that the tails are docked at the third knuckle?--is this accurate? the breeder said that the same vet who docked the tail on my pup also docked the tails on both of his parents, and that he did them the same way as the pup. The parents tails are probably 8-10 inches long. my question is: will the tail grow disproportionately to the body--(in other words will the tail stretch?), or will it maintain it's current proportion to the body?

Also, if you have any ideas on how I can make the pup's crate more attractive to him, he is very resistant to it at this point. Here's what I've been doing: whenever I see him go into sleepy mode I wait until he is asleep and sneak him into the crate without closing the door behind him. Whenever I put him back in his crate after taking him outside or playing I praise him for "Good Kennel" and give him his puppy biscuit only when he is in his crate. He still doesn't go into it on his own as a safe haven, as I have heard they will.

Any advice or help you could give me would be very much appreciated.

Thanks!! Tom

Congratulations on your first GSP. They are wonderful dogs and make great hunting partners.

To address your first question, there currently are three different breed standards that cover the GSP: the German standard (which is also the F.C.I. standard), the British standard, and the American standard. With regards to tail length, the American standard calls for docking to 40% length, while the other two standards call for leaving 50% of the tail. It is very difficult to look at a GSP puppy (or any of the docked breeds) and get a good idea of eventual proportion. If the same vet did the parents, the final results will probably be very similar. And don't worry, he'll grow into his ears as well.

As for the pup's crate, it sounds like you're doing the right things. Make it a happy, safe place, not a punishment spot. Feed him in the crate, give him treats there, take him to fun places in the crate, etc. If he goes in willingly, and doesn't perpetually whine and scratch to get out, you should be fine. My current shorthair has very rarely gone into his crate on his own, unless it was in the back of the Suburban and we were going hunting/training. He has always preferred other places to sleep and relax. Don't worry about it.

Good luck and enjoy your puppy.


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