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Flat-Footed Dog

I have a 2 yr old GSP that is doing well so 2 of my friends andI went to the same breeder and got 3 other pups out of the same parents they are 7 months now and I have noticed that 2 out of the 3 seem have flat feet. Is this fault serious enough to discard the dogs or could they still be hunted when properly trained? Or where can I get more infomation about it?

Flat feet is not a serious problem. We have a few dogs that walk and run flat footed and we noticed that their nails did not wear away fast. You will need to routinely trim their nails or you will encounter nail problems when you work the dog. Two years ago my shorthair, who is a bit flat footed, split his nail across the front and back a half an inch. It caused him severe pain when I touched it and had to take him to the vet. They ripped the loose piece off and we were back to hunting again later that day. If the dog is walking funny, like its feet are at an angle instead of forward, then you may want to consult a vet and have the joints checked out. But if the dogs are only walking with their feet flatly and forward it shouldn't be a problem.

Steve Harmeyer
Krystal Creek Kennels

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