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When will my dog be in its prime?

hi Im a hunter with a black lab named widgeon. Shes 1 yr and 4 months and hunted all last season. She did well for a puppy and I want to know how old will she be when shes in her prime.

well--the amount of wigeon's training off season, and how much hunting she gets during a season, will determine when she will be in her prime. Wild birds do not act like birds in training and training can never be as boring or as exciting as hunting. My experience is that the third season you hunt a dog is whe she really puts it together. She knows how to deal with cripples especially divers and the things that complicate a hunt. After that, I would say that she'll stay in her prime as long as her body can hold out. Thank you.

Jan Burkholder
Stonewall Retrievers

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