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Will spay/neuter calm down my dog?

Dr. Mike,

I have a female six-month old German Shorthaired Pointer that is very high strung. My wife takes our dog running or walking every morning, and I take her for a walk every evening so she gets plenty of exercise. My wife was not too much of a dog person prior to getting a dog, but after constantly dealing the dog jumping on her and our two small children she is quickly turning into an anti-dog person. It isn't just the jumping that is the problem, she is extremely hyper all the time. We realize that puppies in general are more hyper than adult dogs, but it seems that she is not getting any calmer as she is gets older and may be getting even worse. We have started letting the dog come indoors a lot more than we use to. This helps a little bit but unless there is a drastic change, I am afraid that my wife has about reached her limit. I really do not want to get rid of our dog. Even with all the aggravation she has caused I have still grown attached to her and she is showing signs that she will be a good hunter. I heard that altering a dog will calm it down. I prefer not to do this because a would like to breed her in a couple of years but I am about out of options. Do you think altering her will cause the change that I am looking for. If not is there a more suitable breed of dog for my situation? I want a calm dog which can hunt quail and waterfowl, and is good with young children. I would prefer a pointing breed, but I am open to any other sporting dog breeds.

Thank you,

I'm not sure you can exercise a 6 month old, field bred gsp puppy enough to ever tire her out, I think they are nuclear powered. Take heart however there is hope. Run, don't walk to the nearest, best obedience training class that is in you're area. Dogs, regardless of breed, that jump or run over people don't need surgery, they need training and boundaries. Most puppy obedience classes start around that age and last 6-8 weeks, that would be a good start. Spaying the dog is a great idea that I highly recommend but it wont change a dogs basic personality...I think she'll be a spayed hyper dog after the surgery. I have been in similar situations with my field bred spaniels and some of the most "hyper" ones as puppies made the best bird dogs (and companions). Sometimes you have to train the wife and kids as well not to allow dogs to jump on them. Both of my children (6 and 8 years old) are good about "kneeing" a dog away if it tries to jump on them. Dont give up yet, I bet she can be a good dog if you give her the chance. Good luck to all........Dr. Mike

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