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Joe Riches

I have owned and trained German Shorthairs for almost thirty years. My dogs are not only versatile in the field but are also well behaved house pets and kids dogs.

I train on an amateur basis. But I work with a variety of breeds (pointing and flushing) owned by friends. Most of my training time is spent working toward good solid hunting dogs. however I also test in NAVHDA and AKC hunt tests.

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah within hours of decent hunting for Chucker, Pheasant, Huns, Sharptail, Sage, Blue and Ruffed grouse with a few quail scattered around. While this sounds pretty good, ďhoursĒ away just wonít cut it for training. So virtually all of my training is done in a urban environment using common pigeons. Over the years Iíve learned to be fairly versatile myself. Iíve found that different dogs need different strokes, so if your hung up trying to get the point across one way, lets figure out a different way to get the job done.

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