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Winter Housing

As the weather gets colder, I'm concerned about the proper care for our pointer and english setters. They live in a spacious pen with doghouses, but I'm afraid the houses are not enough shelter from the elements. Can you please give me some tips about dog care during the colder months?


Melissa, The most common mistake I see in caring for cold weather pets is using too big of a dog house. Remember, the dog has to heat that space with only body heat. In a proper sized house the dog should stand and turn around without a lot of wasted space. Don't forget the importance of a door on the house, even if its just a piece of carpet blocking the wind. I use an old saddle pad that is easily washed for bedding. On really cold days I will mix some warm water in with my dogs dry food but I suspect that's because it makes me feel better and really doesn't make much difference to the dogs. We are skipping winter so far in New Mexico, I hope you and your pets "winter well." Dr. Mike

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