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Will bell collar effect hearing?

I hunt heavy cover with my 4 year old lab and occasionally would loose sight of her (Usually shortly before she gets on the scent of a running rooster :-( ). Last weekend I picked up a small bell (looks like miniature cow bell) at my pet store in the hunting section. We went out and it seemed to work really well, however, I was concerned the constant ringing would have an effect on my labs hearing. It isn't real loud but is fairly sharp. What do you think?
Dean Wuebker

think that over long periods of time, like months of continuous use it could have a deleterious effect on hearing. I don't think that in the course of normal hunting it will be a problem. Another thing I have seen people do is lightly coat the bell or the clacker with different types of tape to tone down the bell (more for the peoples benefit). Anyway, if your lab is like mine, hearing isn't the problem, LISTENING seems to be the challenge!

Dr. Mike

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