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Prepuce discharge

I have a 6 month old German Short hair named Gage. I picked him up when he was 8 - 9 weeks old. He is very energetic and seems very healthy. He had a urine infection and now he has a discharged coming from his penis. This went on for several weeks. I went though antibiotics and flushing his penis out with medication. The vet recommended that he be neutered since my number one concern is his health, and this was not clearing up. He got the operation and he is on antibiotics. He still shows signs of discharge. Is this normal? Will this clear up in a few weeks? I am very concerned that this will affect his kidneys.

Joseph, A small amount of yellow-green discharge from the prepuce is normal in many male dogs. If there is no evidence of inflammation along the penis I don't treat these dogs. I would be very careful of trying to "sterilize" the prepuce with douches and antibiotics because you may end up with a fungal or antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection. If I have a client that is determined to treat the discharge I usually have them use a mild vinegar/water douche of the prepuce a couple of times a week (it may not help but at least it wont do any harm and it keeps the client busy). I think the chance of it spreading to the kidney is unlikely. Relax, enjoy your dog, good hunting!
Dr. Mike

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