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Ranging too far

My black lab/coker spaniel goes to far ahead in hunts How can i fix that?

You need to whistle train the dog to sit, come, and turn.

The sit whistle is one long blast. The turn whistle is two blasts. The come can be a long series but not like the sit or many pips. The reason I say whistle train is because in a day of hunting you say many command words but you don't mean them as a command. Like BACK at the house, or old so and so FETCHed the duck. I got to SIT down. the dog hears these words all day and learns to ignore them after a while. The whistle is the only way to be in contact ONLY with the dog.

You next need to teach this dog to quarter proper. Have two helpers give you a hand. Have each one of them take a pocket full of birds. Start it to quartering down wind and between the helpers. The helpers can shake the birds and make noise to get it to quarter proper. Then have one toss a bird in front of it. Take it and praise the dog. Start it out again and have the other side toss one in. We work down wind because when you toss the ones in when the dog is not looking the dog will see people and wind the birds at the same time. What this dog needs is to find all it's birds near people and soon it will think stick close and find birds.

Ron Klimes

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