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Won't go into brush

I have 2 working cocker spaniel puppies one 10months old the other 11months old and would like to work them beating/flushing, they are both quite obedient, and they will both retrieve and deliver dummies no problem but niether will go into brash could you help me. I have no experience in gundog training so any information you can give me will be very helpful
many thanks michelle

Michelle, This is a easy question. The reason they wont go into brush is because they have not had some slam dunks. What is a slam dunk? Get some training pigeons and tape there wings so they won't fly, I call these clip wing birds. Place the bird or birds in a brush patch that is big but small enough for the dogs to go around it to smell in. I would put a couple of birds in the brush then go back a ways. Let the dogs hunt into the wind and find the birds. The competition for the birds will drive the dogs into the brush. After a couple of these, then go back to training each dog separate. Still salt the brush with a couple of birds. Then move on to a flyer, and shoot the bird so it falls into heavy brush. You can also toss a clip wing pigeon while the dog is watching this will fire the pup up a lot. If they have success in the brush that is where they will look and go. Ron

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