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Introduction to feathers

Is there any method to get a dog on feathers (ducks) quickly? My dog does great on bumps but today I started her on a couple of teal and she didn't "cotton" to them much at all.


First off has your dog been force fetched and if she hasbeen through this process was she be force fetched on birds?

I like to introduce feathers to a young dog in the following manner.

I would cut the wings off of the teal you have and put them on her bumpers securing them with rubber bands and pulling the feathers over the rubber bands. Start her out this way. Then if she is picking these up with no problem I would take the teal and tuck the teals head under its wings and put rubber bands around the bird to keep the head and wings intact. I would throw this for her... you need to be very excited when throwing the bird and encouring her to pick it up using lots of praise when she does.

There are also dead fowl trainers made by Dokken make that can be purchesed at sporting dog stores that carry dog training equipment. They have small ducks teal, large ducks mallard as awell as quail and grouse etc. These can be scented with scents. You can take these and add feathers to these. If all of the above does not work and she has not been force fetched then you will have no choice but to put a force fetch program in her. If you have to do that you can email me and I will see that you get instructions on how to accomplish this. Good luck.

Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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