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Entering bad cover (nettles)

I have a 5 month old Labrador Retriever who is very reluctant to enter nettles. If he does, he shows signs of discomfort afterwards by rubbing the affected areas on the ground. Have you any sugestions as to how I may overcome this problem.


At 5 months, your lab is still a pup. I would recommend working him in easier cover for now to foster desire, excitement and success. Make it all fun and help to build his confidence and courage. Once he's a bigger, bolder dog, and he understands the game and that there are birds in there, he won't be as concerned.

Be sure to give your dog a good checkout after he's been in any kind of heavy or tough cover. Check his feet, between his pad, his ears, his eyes, and armpits especially.

Good Luck,

Jack Lowe

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