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Introducing your Puppy to Water II

Ive got six month old choclate that doesnt show alot of excitment about retrieving. Sometimes he does great on land and every once and awhile I can get him to do some short retrieves in water.

I've done some obediance lessons with him and hes doing fine with that. He's just not too gung ho on the water.

How do I get him excitied -----and loveing the water.



A lot of six to ten month old pups lose interest in working for a while. I would kennel the dog for a few days, let him get bored. When you take him out for training use a live pigeon or small duck with clipped wings. Throw it into the water and let him chase it around a bit. Only do one or two retrieves per session and put him up. You may see him become more interested.

Best of luck,

Bill Corcoran
Highland Retriever Kennel
Highland Retriever Kennel

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