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Stops short with bumper

My 14 week old Golden sometimes likes to pull up three feet short from me and lay down with the bumper in her mouth. how do I get her to come back without pulling up three feet short.

You are telling me that you have thrown a bumper for your pup, she watched it go down, she went out to it. She picked it up and returned to you and that SOMETIMES, which means not always, she does not bring it right to you but stops three foot from you. This pup has done a lot of good things here for a pup. REMEMBER that is what she is a puppy. I would not make a big deal out of it. At this stage of the pup's life you want to do everything you can to make retrieving a wonderful thing for the dog. This problem will correct it self. I would have treats in my pocket and give her lots of praise when she is returning, if she stops short of you, it is not a big deal, go to her praise her, take the bumper from her, give her a treat. Do not make a fuss over this.

Retrievers have been bred to retrieve and by nature, they retrieve for themselves, it is their prize, we as humans through training and praise teach and encourage them to give up their prize by giving it to us. . With a young pup you want to make retrieving a good thing. You do not want to discourage a pups retrieving desire, this is what will happen if you demand too much from a fourteen week old puppy.

At fourteen weeks you can start light puppy obedience for the commands of here and sit, keep obedience separate, from retrieving, using praise and an occasional treat.

Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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