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Glucosamine and Vitamin C

Is there any (or much) evidence that supplementing a young dog (or adult for that matter) with Glucosamine and/or Vitamin C helps reduce joint/ligament problems?

I often hear about the use of these products to prevent hip dysplasia. I will refer the learned readers of this esteemed site to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals web page at This page has useful information and is a good reference for anyone concerned about hip dysplasia and other orthopedic problems in dogs. I quote from their "Questions and Answers" section: "No, there is no evidence in the scientific literature that supplements (i.e. vitamin c) will prevent dysplasia. Reduced caloric intake and glucosamine products in immature animals genetically predisposed for hip dysplasia may lesson the pathologic changes associated with hip dysplasia."

I agree that these products don't PREVENT problems, but the supplements like glucosamine and others are often helpful MANAGING orthopedic problems in animals.

Dr. Mike

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